Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Year Two

Hard to believe I have been happily married to the literal man of my dreams for two years now. 

Year one was bliss.  It was laughter, dancing in the kitchen, and spur of the moment date nights on a Tuesday. It was binge watching Netflix and staying up way too late, sleeping in, and being late to work.  It was remodeling our little house and dreaming up big plans for the future.  It was fighting with the kitchen sprayer and arguing over who was responsible for dishes.  Year one was filled with memories of carefree adventure and spontaneity. 

Year two was harder.  It was twin pregnancy hormones, miscarriage, joy and sadness all wrapped up in one.  But it was wonderful.  It was laying in the bed crying next to my best friend while he held me tight.  It was wondering how I would ever find the energy for another day and waking up to find breakfast made for me.  It was having someone rub my feet and try to get the right pressure points so I would finally go into labor (which didn’t work).  It was having someone hold me tight when I thought labor pains would kill me.  It was him literally holding me up while I birthed our child in a pool.  But in the midst of all the hard times it was so much joy.  It was painting a nursery and daring to see who would start the paint fight.  It was picking out baby names and dreaming of our sweet girl.  It was playing board games on Christmas Eve eve, Sunday trips to the dog park, and making our own family traditions.  It was wondering why we ever wanted a baby when she wouldn’t stop crying at 4 am no matter what we tried.  It was taking 4 hours to watch one movie because we had to stop so many times to calm a fussy baby.  It was hysterical laughter as our newborn baby latched on to him to try and breast feed.  It was watching him transform into a daddy as he rocked and swayed our newborn in the nightlight, whispering how much he loved her.  Year two was a year of growth; the year we grew into our own family.

Our marriage isn’t perfect, but I’m convinced God blessed us with a once in a lifetime love.  There is no one on this planet I would rather spend my days with; the good ones and the bad ones. My husband loves to hunt, fish, golf, garden, and work with his hands.  But, more than that, he loves our sweet girl and he loves me.  And the best part is, more than he loves both of us, he loves Jesus and follows hard after HIM.  He is sold out and that makes him an incredible husband. He is patient (most of the time), he is kind, and he is definitely not self-seeking.  So excited for what year three will bring our way! 


  1. Yes. This! I adore my husband as well. He loves all the same things as your husband...and he loves our family fiercely. A man among men. I am eternally grateful for this gift of our marriage, and for his kindness.

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful two years. We are on two and a half- with a 20 month old and a 4 month old! We traded the sweet 1st newlywed year for morning sickness and hormones but it was worth it. Thanks for a great blog :-)

  3. Robert and I were marriage mentors at our church and that's one thing we always told our couples was the importance of date nights. You both have taken it to an all new level. We also believe Christ comes first and that we are two imperfect people. May God continue to bless you and keep you

  4. I think you are awesome! I love it. I shop all thrift stores! Wish I had thought of this! I repurpose used clothes, they are over the top stylish. With a little bling. The idea was brilliant! Don't let anyone​ dull your sparkle.i might just try this for our 50th coming up, and make my family do it too! Shalom.♥️

  5. This is so awesome, I have been married 22 years and have 3 kids, 21,10,and 9,it gets real hard to make time for each other but I love this idea and can't wait to try it out.