Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nerf War

Shane and I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of attention our goodwill date night idea raised.  It is clear that so many couples are trying to keep their marriages strong and fun too!  We have our own issues and I promise we are far from perfect but we LOVE being together.  So, I’ve decided to share ideas weekly with everyone.  This is not to say that you should imitate our marriage, because you shouldn’t.  We may do things you won’t like (trust me, I’ve heard it all) but we may do some things that are right up your alley.  Either way, I hope whatever we share can be an encouragement to you to keep your marriage/relationship growing every day!

This week I wanted to share our nerf war saga.  I have no idea who to give credit to for this so if you know please email me and I will give them their due credit.  This all started long before I even knew Shane.  I saw a pin on pinterest for a nerf war and I thought, “man, I want a marriage like that”.  So, when I found the fella that was made for me I knew I had to do it.

I got off work before Shane one day and went and bought some cheap nerf guns.  I left a note on the door that read the following:

                           Welcome home!

1.       This gun is yours.  You have 10 darts.
2.       I’m waiting inside with my own gun, also with 10 darts.
3.       When you come in, it’s war!

                            Loser does the dishes.
                                  Love you!

I then proceeded to strategically hide behind our fireplace where I could watch him read the note on the garage door (the door we ALWAYS use) and be ready to attack when he came in.  However, I was so excited that I stationed myself there about 15 minutes before he was supposed to be home.  So, as you can imagine, I got bored and started playing on my phone. 

While I was innocently playing on my phone waiting to hear the garage door open, the front door swung wide open and Shane unloaded his nerf gun on me.  All 10 darts came flying out like he was shooting a machine gun.  He comes running in, rolls through the living room like James Bond (he has a flare for the dramatic), and reloads all his darts all while I’m trying to figure out how I missed him getting home. 

Needless to say for the next hour or so we played nerf war in our house and had a blast.  I ended up losing, but we were so worn out from our intense nerf war we opted to eat pizza and skip dishes all together.

We kept the note on our fridge and every once in a while we will break out the nerf guns and have a rematch just for fun!

So, ladies (or gentlemen) stop by whatever store meets your budget and do a little nerf war shopping.  For those of you with kids, bring them in on the fun, it takes less than $20 bucks and will keep you entertained for way longer than your favorite television show!

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  1. Bwahahahaha this is great! I've seen it on Pinterest too and your only the second person I know in really life that has done this. #GameOn